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Randy Bynum P.I.

Bynum Investigations and Executive Protection Services is a Central Coast based private investigation and security agency conducting civil, corporate, criminal investigations, and Executive Protection Services.

Bynum PI serves the investigative and executive protection needs of private individuals, businesses, law firms, insurance companies and municipalities in California.

Our personnel have extensive municipal law enforcement backgrounds. Clients benefit from our exceptional ability to negotiate the inside world of law enforcement and government agencies.

Bynum Investigations is a specialized agency that is committed to serving our client's needs with individual attention in a high quality, cost-effective manner.



Litigation Support,Interviews, Complex Investigations, Civil and Criminal Investigations, Fraud and
Embezzlement Investigations, Asset Location, Corporate Investigations, Background Investigations,
Hospital Investigations, Cheating Spouses/ Partners, Discrete Investigations, Locating Witnesses and Heirs,
Stalking, litary Records, Crime Scene Photography, Crime Scene Printing, Death Investigations, Missing Persons
Investigations, Domestic Violence Investigations, Records Research